Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessels include tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, and spherical tanks for the petroleum, natural gas, chemical fertilizer, and chemical industries, as well as for electric power, metallurgy, and medicine. Nearly 100, 000 of its pressure vessels have been used for key national projects in synthetic ammonia, urea, ethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, oil refineries, dimethyl ether, caustic soda, ammonium phosphate, sulfate, nitric acid, coking, polyphenylene sulfide, polysilicon, melamine, hydrazine hydrate, antibiotics, power plants, gas for urban use, liquefied natural gas, and sewage treatment equipment.

Our products are as follows:

The urea synthesizer, ammonia converter, and nitric acid absorber towers rank first nationwide in both output and sales. The urea synthesizer has several types, such as the DN1200 — DN2400 series that use water solution full circulation, carbon circulation, or air stripping methods, which have given us a reputation industry-wide as the “Specialized urea synthesizer developer”. This product got the “Famous Sichuan Brand” title in 2009. The ammonia converter has the DN800 — DN2400 series, while the nitric acid absorber tower comes in the DN4600 — DN6900 series.

The recently developed liquid phase convection heat transfer type urea synthesizer, Three-bed vertical type ammonia converter and double compression nitric acid absorber tower are new energy-conserving, emissions reduction models. The technology is at the advanced international level and a domestic leader and can provide local technical support for an upgrade of urea ammonia, and nitric acid equipment and projects.

Methanol synthesis reactor has a fairly large market share and comes in the DN1600 — DN3800 series.

Low temperature equipment encompasses low temperature vessels, towers, and heat exchangers used in a wide range of industries, such as ethylene, polypropylene, dimethyl ether, hydrogen from coal, and oil refineries and is one of the company’s main products.

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