Our development strategy under the 12th five-year plan concentrates on pressure equipment and top-end manufacturing.

We center on traditional chemicals, chemical materials, and petrochemicals as well as new energy and environmental protection. The idea is to increase our research and manufacturing capacity for key pressure equipment and major products and improve our product and service content and level. We also want to improve in the following ways: from low-value-added, mid- to low-end output in our product structure, to high-value-added, top-end output; from small and medium-sized to large size; from single machines of various types and undefined form, to batches, series, and complete sets; from high energy consumption and high pollution to energy conservation and reduced emissions; and to complete sets of equipment using our core technology and general contracting to build the company into a national example of green manufacturing and top services in the chemical and new energy industries, with sales ranking among China’s top three.

Our company serves the high-speed, heavy-load railway industries, with an advantages in its alloy steel frogs and does research on durable alloy steel frogs and its parts which can be  used to increase railway speeds and load levels by providing a western manufacturing and service base. It has a leading position and wants to be the largest supplier of alloy steel railway frogs in China.

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