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1966: the original company, the Sichuan Chemical Machinery Repair Plant, is established

1979: the name is changed to Sichuan Chemical Machinery Plant.  

1983: the company became the first of its kind in southwest China and the first to get a design and manufacturing license for Type  I, II, III pressure vessels.

April 1989: the company becomes a joint-stock enterprise and is again renamed, Southwest Chemical Machinery Co Ltd.

1992: the company gets its American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certification, U, U2.

June 1997: its stock is listed on the Shenzhen exchange (0838), the first chemical machinery industry company to do so.

1998: the company undergoes an asset reorganization with China National Erzhong Group Co.

Oct 2000: China National Erzhong Splits from it and the company merges with the China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

2002: the company gets its ISO9001 quality assurance certification.

June 2004: the company reorganizes assets and sets up Shifang Southwest Machinery Plant (BlueStar Group).

July 2005: the company becomes part of the China National Chemical Corp and is renamed Sichuan BlueStar Machinery Co, Ltd.

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