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Bluestar Machinery gets Sichuan Famous Brand
Source: ChemChina Date: 2012-08-27

When Sichuan held its 11th Sichuan Famous Brands awards ceremony and conference, on Aug 13, the Sichuan Bluestar Machinery Co got the “11th Famous Brand” award for its alloy-steel railway frogs core rail, urea synthesis tower, and steel spherical tanks that bear the Southwest Chemical Industrial Machinery brand. The vice-governor of Sichuan, Gan Lin, as well as other government leaders conferred prize to the representatives of the awarded corporations.

Gan delivered a speech at the meeting, speaking highly of these brand-name products for their contribution to Sichuan’s economic and social development. He went on to encourage the awarded corporations to play a leading role in risk prevention and quality improvement to help promote the global competitiveness of the products made in Sichuan.

Southwest Chemical Industrial Machinery in fact got an award at the 9th Sichuan Famous Brands awards for its alloy-steel railway frog core rail and urea synthesis tower, so this made their evaluation for the 10th Sichuan Famous Brands awards ceremony go smoothly. The steel spherical tanks also won an award at that ceremony. This has been attributed to the enterprise strategy that emphasizes product quality and continued improvement, and that recognizes the effort of all staff members to increase their quality awareness

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