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ChemChina strengthens anti-corruption effort
Source: Sichuan BlueStar Date: 2012-02-29

Because of the Chinese government’s effort to get State-owned enterprises involved in the fight against corruption, the China National Chemical Equipment Corp (CNCE) decided to do its bit, on February 28, by increasing the anti-corruption effort.

It held an anti-corruption conference that brought in more than 30 high-ranking managers and staff members, and where Ren Jianmin, vice-general manager of ChemChina, stated that they will carry on the anti-corruption effort as expressed at a meeting on the same topic held by the State Council’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Fu Xiangsheng, ChemChina’s vice-secretary, reported on what the approach to anti-corruption work will be and said that the subsidiary companies need to follow the State Council’s message in their efforts to fight corruption, with stricter supervision, even while increasing corporate profits.

Ren Jianxin, the general manager of ChemChina, said that the heads of all the subsidiaries need to make the fight against corruption their responsibility and contribute to the development of CNCE.

The company has been placing more importance on anti-corruption work in recent years,  and staff members have been given more training in fighting corruption.  

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